Welcome to Young Grasshoppers tutoring and mental health support.

I’m Claire, and I established Young Grasshoppers in 2018. I live on the Wirral and my aim in life is to help people with their studies and mental health.  Young people (and old) face a range of pressures in school and beyond and as a nation our mental health is struggling.  I want to change this.  I do this from experience as a teacher and also someone who has struggled with my own mental health in the past.  Through this I have built up a toolkit of resources I want to share with people to help them manage.

I am a qualified secondary school teacher who has taught GCSE Science and A Level Science (Biology and Physics) since 2005.

I am a team leader for Pearson examinations, examining and supervising A Level Biology marking.

I have worked previously for the NHS as a peer-support mental health specialist.

I have vast experience working with students of all types and have an excellent record of results.

I currently offer tutoring and mental health coaching throughout the Wirral and Cheshire areas and am enjoying channelling my energy into something I truly care about.

You can read my CV here.